Issue 99


Jury of Matrons - Jacob M. Appel
Fetch - Abby Lipscomb
Roseate's Book of Penmanship - Kristen N. Arnett
A Crossroads - Thomas McConnell
Cobra - Jennifer Lee
The Little Ones Weary - Jen Julian

"My Mother and the Orange" - Alyssa Chase
"When the Girl Becomes the Bear" - Julianna Baggott
"Island Camp" - Clare Banks
"Judas Salt" - John Blair
"In the Neale, Near Cong" - David Blair
"Letter to Matthew Olzmann from a Flying Saucer" - Matthew Olzmann
"My Dog and Pony Show" - Matthew Poindexter
"Till It Thunders" - Charles Harper Webb
"*" - Simon Perchik
"Patience" - Alan Shapiro
"Ursus" - Jill Osier
"On Easter" - Rob Shapiro
"Seed Beneath the Dark" - Aaron Coleman
"Lunatic Years" - Patricia Colleen Murphy
"Serving Time" - Lisa Dordal

by Alyssa Chase

She could fillet a Louisiana navel
to its skeleton, the rind one unbroken

curl, unraveling the way the wind unwound
The Kansas City Star that fluttered

through the yard while my father dozed
in the wrought iron chair. On the broken

brick patio, crab apple trees rained petals
and cancer bloomed in his shrinking gut.

No stent or marrow transplant
or redirection of plumbing

could circumvent it. No reason for that
seed sent to sully an otherwise

perfect man. My mother said this
about water: It must lie flat.

That's the rule she learned in school---
an artist's tool for controlling

the landscape. With her eyes on the picture
outside the kitchen window,

she gripped orange and knife
and began the correction.