Issue 98


Fragile Hearts on the Bay - Tyler Sage
Easy Love - Leslie Pietrzyk
Beneath Dark Water - Andrew Siegrist
Sand - Alan Mincic

"When My Head Hangs Too Low" - Andie Francis
"To a Poet in Ohio: Not Tending a Fire in Oregon" - Linda Taylor
"Postcard" - Joelle Biele
"Pentimento" - Marla Melito
"Minutiae" - Sarah Huener
"Four months after you gave me the goose down coat" - Clifford Parody
"The Cars in the Junkyard" - Daniel Corrie
"Three Men in a Field" - Dennis Sampson
"Darlin, Darlin" - Glenn Shaheen
"Simple Things" - Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
"As if Hurtling" - Chris Citro
"In Which the Chorus Acts Out the Entire Story" - Traci Brimhall
"Baking Lessons" - Tara Powell

by Sarah Huener

Mornings I would do
my father's gauntlet
buttons for him, cuffs
still ironwarm. The white
plackets were hard
to catch---he always
moved to pour more
coffee or write a check
for offering if it was Sunday.
I threaded for my mother
when she sewed, pulled
splinters from my
brother's palm, pinching
flesh with tweezers
or digging with a needle.
I picked up what they
dropped in too-small spaces,
culled coins from
under car seats, earring
mates from drains,
stretching for lost things
no one could reach.
I found things
most people would forget
were gone, after awhile,
and saved them, thought
I'd be ready then
for whatever happened
next, have that size screw
that fits eyeglasses, the word
in French that means
the darkest part of shadow.
I kept them then---my hands
were smallest.