Issue 95


Shorebirds - Kristen-Paige Madonia
What We Saw Reflected - J. Wienbrock
Monument - Susan M. Gilbert-Collins
The Boathouse - Earl McCartney
Too Long at the Party - Jeanette Topar
Heartbreak Grass - Khanh Ha

"On Finding the Words to Explain Mosh Pits" - Benjamin Goldberg
"The Voyeur's Litany" - Jeffrey Bean
"The Dogs of Mongolia" - Nathan Slinker
"Rule 30" - Ryan Vine
"A Dying Animal" - Steven Peleman
"Hospice" - Alison Sweet
"Something Fatal in the Note of One Bird" - Matthew Wimberley
"Brood Parasite, or Letter to the Last Boyfriend Who Hit Me" - Sara Henning
"Einstein's Hair" - Kevin Pilkington

by Ryan Vine

friend I hear there's a hole
on the tops of our heads

that only one person who
finally comes along can see

and drops a kiss like a lamp
down into it so that we glow

like dummies as they look
into our faces like they're looking

out a window at Lake Superior
or the sea and find by that light

like you would by moonlight
the tiny islands we live on

just offshore and us waving