Issue 94


Q-tip Heads - Patty Houston
Star Treatment - Lindsay D'Andrea
Funeral - Kevin Clouther
The Correct Way to Breathe - Mary Jones

"Porch Ceiling Blue" - Hastings Hensel
"In Praise of Multitudes" - Corrie Lynn White
"The Assumption" - Joseph Bathanti
"Dido in Winter" - Ann Shaw
"Visiting" - Keith Kopka
"The Weather Down Here" - John Hoppenthaler
"City of Starlings" - Daniel Nathan Terry
"October Mud" - Doug Ramspeck
"The Dead Speak of Herons" - J. Scott Brownlee
"The Epistemology of Marriage" - Geffrey Davis
"Nautili" - Clayton Adam Clark
"The Locks" - Mia Ayumi Malhotra
"On Autobiography" - G.C. Waldrep
"The Inheritance" - Bruce Bond

by Mia Ayumi Malhotra

You throw the whole of your
     weight into this. You, against

me, driving into the beyond,
     pushing through murky green,

bodies glinting like some ancient,
     battered foil. Up and in

to spawn, to die. Back to
     the originating impulse.

You tunnel onward, reptilian,
     lit by a bluish glow,

scales laid in tight rainbow
     hatching across the flank.

I imagine you caught, cored.
     Bodies spread like shattered

silver across the dock.
     Not that I will it, though

your restless form impels
     against the drag of mine.

The whole of me against
     the whole of you, flayed

bodies pressing on,
     up weirs and rapids,

arrowed by impossible force,
     impelled against.