Issue 103


Dedicated to Jim Clark (1945-2017)

Editor's Note - Terry L. Kennedy

My Mom Says My Name to Me - Natalie Serber
Assembly Required - Andrew Coddington
Finned - Johanna Stiefler Johnson
Annika and the Hulk - Ben Nickol
Your Attention, Please - Molly Foltyn         
Don't Know Tough - Eli Cranor                                

"How We Live Now" - Kirby Knowlton
"from The Book of Revelation" - Alison Powell
"Enceladus Considers Cassini" - Carolyn Oliver
"Astral Image as Ensign" - Adam Vines
"A Word Like Rat" - Karen Harryman
"Dementia" - Cathy Carlisi
"Three Propositions" - David Welch
"Removal Fort" - Alicia Wright
"Breaking Into a Sunless Pool" - Merlin Ural Rivera
"Chance Encounters" - Charlotte Matthews
"Long Marriage: Lake" - Doug Ramspeck
"Wild" - Tara Westmor
"What My Mother Meant to Say That Night" - John Sibley Williams
"from Story Hours" - Ginnie Goulet Gavrin

by Adam Vines

—Rothko's Astral Image

                                                                                  Make me your jelly—

the tumescence of seed

and gelatin—then boil

and reduce me, leave

me to cool. Peel off

the caramelized sheaf

of me from the pot’s gut.

Carve out a pyramid

with my navel at its core,

my knot of lineal thread,

my dent of identity.