Issue 102


This Is It - Jim Clark

We Learn to Keep Our Dignity - Rose Lambert-Sluder
End of Days - J. David Stevens
In the Museum of Tense Moments - Becky Hagenston
An Ocean in Tennessee - James A. Jordan
Shapeshifters - David Crouse

"Vis Makes Breakfast for Ramin" - Shireen Madon
"Sally Goes for a Cigarette" - Luke Johnson
"Lonesome Remedy" - Jessica Jacobs
"Cernunnos" - F. Daniel Rzicznek
"Sharing the Bed with the Baby When You're Gone" - Shane Seely
"Eyelash" - George David Clark
"Another Maria Mitchell Reads the Forecast" - Michael Pontacoloni
"5." - Paul Guest
"In the Hummingbird Exhibit at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum" - Katy Murphy
"Embodiment" - Danielle Badra
"Next the Sky" - David Rigsbee
"Brimstone" - Adrian Blevins
"Confirmation Bias" - Emilia Phillips
"After Orlando" - Nausheen Eusuf
"Dolorously" - Jackson Holbert

by Michael Pontacoloni

Snow is water cooled crystal-quick,
mineral and posed;

sleet is snow cast off a lattice,
scaffoldless and smooth;

and hail is rain that fell up, gathered like belief
until its weight gave in to the fact of Earth.

Tonight the sky is clear but
late October in southern New England

I ought to be ready for anything. I take off
my ragged hat. I stand upon my roof alone,

hunched apostrophe waiting for the telescope
to fill with a light that falls only in darkness.

Up here no one to speculate how fast
I might descend.

From the shared and unpredictable night
I pull a new precipitation,

drop a comet on the world.