Issue 93


The Damage Done - Jamie Amos
When the Water Rises - Jeff Martin
Cattle - Spencer Kealamakia
127 Miles Outside of Indianapolis, Indiana
        - Peter Stenson
Barry Gibb Is the Cutest Bee Gee - Sheryl Monks
Water Run Down - Andrew Payton

"May" - Marielle Prince
"Fortune Cookies" "The Great Forgetter"
      - Travis Wayne Denton
"from The Things We Collect" - Shiloh Booker
"November" - Abigail Browning
"Dusty Field, Dog Barking" - Dan Albergotti
"Clarinet" - Doug Ramspeck
"Made Strange" - Emily Schulten
"Mayflower" "Exploded View" - Jake Adam York
"Two Bodies, Four Improvisations"
      - Wayla J. Chambo
"Panther Panchali" "Black Girl" - A. Van Jordan
"Honey the Guard" - Renee Soto
"Bricks Sinking in Deep Water" - Thomas Lux
 "The Dancing Bear and Figaro" - George looney
"A Cloud of Decisions Translates" "Poison Liquid
      Liquid" - Matt Hart
"Dreams About Marriage" - Ansel Elkins
"Prayer to Wearing Perfume"
      - Victoria Bosch Murray
"Thinking About Leaving Her For Someone Else"
      - Max Somers
"Chasing the Hawk" - Amanda Rutstein
"Taung Child" - Alan Shapiro
"The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Prostitutes"
      - Dan O'Brien
"When Fog, When Mountian" - Lauren Moseley
"Petition" - Rose McLarney


Ace - Philip Gerard
Tiny Little Nothing - Annie Mountcastle
Could You, Bob Hill - Richard Martin
Good Ol' Boy - Dominic Russ-Combs
Little Wife - Lara Markstein

"from A Blackberry Rearing" - Lori Mosley
"Householder" - Tara Bray
"Psalm for the Last Benjamin of Tudela"
       - Heather Altfeld
"The World You Cannot Love" - Chad Prevost
"Moth" - Charles Harper Webb
"Lullaby with Bourbon" - George David Clark
"Family Night" - Charlottle Hilary Matthews
"A Child's Book of Truth" - Carol Kirtz
"Alaskan Charter" - Kristin Robertson

by Tara Bray

I try not to see my hands,
saint-serious and sad.

I can't forgive the dread that's anchored here,
how far I haven't come,

this life not right and red---
a blood my child will bear without complaint---

and still, these berries, earthy, real and somehow just.
We share sugar snap peas and arugula that sharpens us with peace.

In disrepair we seize the speckled backyard eggs,
bright orange yolks we spin,

the radish that brings us back to earth:
where the serious is serious,

the sad is sad,
each taste, a little song.